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Director • Producer

Heriot launched onto the world stage as director of The Secret (2006) which became the highest selling DVD in the USA and a global phenomenon. The inspirational movie was featured on Oprah, Larry King, Ellen, Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons weaving its way into the fabric of popular culture.

Heriot has directed, produced and edited prime time television for all the major networks in Australia. Heriot directed the pilot episode of Sensing Murder, a chilling docudrama about psychics investigating an infamous double murder. Sensing Murder starred Rebecca Gibney and was the top-rating show nationally in the Sunday night movie time-slot. Subsequently, Heriot was the series producer of 6 movie-length episodes the following year.

In 2007, Heriot co-directed The Elevate Film and Music Festival at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, home of The Academy AwardsTM. The sell-out festival showcased 25 short films and music videos that were produced for the festival in just 48 hours, featuring the elevating work of artists including Alanis Morisette, India.Arie, Missy Higgins and Kevin Costner.

In 2014, Heriot wrote and directed The Power of the Heart - a feature-length docudrama starring Paulo Coelho, Eckhart Tolle, Maya Angelou and other icons who lead you to rediscover the treasure in your chest. The Huffington Post named it one of the most heart-opening films of the year.

Heriot has also co-produced two sons with his wife, Jenny.

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  • Heriot produces TV special Standup For Christchurch for the Ten Network in Australia - over 2 years ago
  • Heriot pens pilot for original television series - over 2 years ago
  • The Power of the Heart is selected as a Top Pick on YouTube Movies - over 2 years ago
  • Heriot's interview on The Wellness Guys podcast is released on iTunes - over 2 years ago
  • Heriot creates world-first platform for gifting rentals of The Power of the Heart - almost 3 years ago
  • The Secret movie celebrates its 10 year anniversary - over 5 years ago
  • Heriot writes for The Huffington Post about the future of "social" media - over 5 years ago
  • Ahead of climate negotiations in Paris, Heriot launches The Human Race to outrun climate change - over 5 years ago
  • The Power of the Heart hits #1 on Amazon Japan - over 5 years ago
  • Heriot's interview on Suzannah Scully's Cosmos in You is released on iTunes - almost 6 years ago
  • Huff Post names The Power of the Heart one of the most heart-opening films - over 6 years ago
  • The Power of the Heart part of official selection at Sedona Int'l Film Fest - over 6 years ago
  • Heriot's latest film The Power of the Heart now available on iTunes and DVD - almost 7 years ago

Featured Credits

Glowing heart
The Power of the Heart
Director • Writer
Docudrama 80min

The Power of the Heart 2014 grips and guides you on the greatest journey you will ever take - from your head to your heart. Paulo Coelho, author of 'The Alchemist', Maya Angelou and other living icons, lead you to rediscover the treasure in your chest.

Powerful real life stories about forgiveness and overcoming tragedy... I needed tissues.

The Huffington Post

Vitruvian Man
The Secret
Docudrama 90min

The Secret 2006 is the best-selling movie that reveals powerful knowledge that has been coveted, buried and suppressed throughout history. The Secret was known by some of the greatest people and is now being released to the world.

The biggest thing to hit the New Age movement since the harmonic convergence.

The New York Times

Crime Scene
Sensing Murder
Series Producer • Director
TV Specials 7x90min

Sensing Murder 2004 is a top-rating television series hosted by Rebecca Gibney. Two psychics, working with experts, investigate some of Australia’s most notorious unsolved murders cases revealing new clues and suspects.

It was riveting... an absorbing and well-made piece of hocus-pocus television.

The Age

Open Heart Surgery
LOUD Bumpers
Co-Writer • Co-Director
TVC 10x30sec

REWIND The LOUD Bumpers 1998 were Heriot's first professional films at 18 years of age. Heriot and colleague, James Armstrong, were commissioned to create 10 claymation commercials to promote LOUD, Australia’s first 'Media Festival of Youth Culture and the Arts.'

The finished product is hilarious.

The Age

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Just finished shooting in the States for a week. Now heading back to Amsterdam.

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